Rustic Outdoor Lounges

This past summer I worked on eight weddings and all eight weddings had some type of an outdoor lounge. Some were big and some were small, but they were extremely popular and always a huge hit at the weddings.

Outdoor lounges are a great place for your guests to relax and have a quiet place to talk, while taking a break from the party. I mean who wouldn’t love to have a place to cool down and have a chance to catch their breath for a little while?

Another great aspect of having an outdoor lounge is nothing has to match.

Intimate weddings has great tips on how to make your outdoor lounges just right.

  • Incorporate it with your theme
  • Make it warm, cozy and inviting: Pillows, blankets, rugs and comfy furniture will make your lounge feel more inviting for your guest to come and relax.
  • Don’t forget about lighting: Café lighting, string lights, candles and a small chandelier would be great options to illuminate your lounge area.
  • Offer a variety of seating options and tables: Sofas, chairs and ottomans lets your guest chose the type of seating they would prefer. Don’t forget tables for your guest to place their drinks on, this way they won’t have to awkwardly hold their drink or food in their lap.
  • Have more than one outdoor lounge: Having multiple lounge areas offers a larger number of seats for more guests to sit and relax.

Another great way to get ideas for outdoor lounges is Pinterest. There are loads of pictures and ideas for creating an awesome outdoor area for your wedding.

When planning your wedding don’t forget to consider incorporating the outdoor lounge. Your guests will love it and it could also be a great place for the two of you to have a moment to yourselves ;)!

Here are two lounge areas I put together for a rustic themed wedding this summer in Durango, CO at Blue Lake Ranch.

FullSizeRender (24)FullSizeRender (25)


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