Fall in Love

Fall Leaves

Fall is in the air and that means fall inspired wedding themes.

According to News USA September and October are the first and third most popular months for weddings, which isn’t a surprise at all. My social media accounts are filled with wedding pictures every weekend and I am sure yours are too.

The best part about fall is the changing of leaves into beautiful bright colors of red, brown, purple, yellow and orange.

When planning an autumn wedding it will be key to stick to those core fall colors for your bouquet, table linens, escort cards and so on.

There are so many fall trends that you can incorporate into your wedding to set it apart and stand out to your guests.

What are some of your favorite fall trends?

Maybe caramel apples?

A caramel apple bar would be a great activity to incorporate into your reception. How to set up a caramel apple bar for your fall wedding? Get a hundred apples, a lot of caramel and a variety of toppings (sprinkles, Oreo crumbles, nuts, m&ms, chocolate chips, the list is endless). During cocktail hour have the station ready to go with the caramel melted, toppings in mix matched bowls and cups and a way to mark their names to identify their creations. Your guest will love making their own personalized caramel apple that can also double as a party favor to take home.caramel apple

Need some inspiration on how to decorate your caramel apple station? Pinterest has great ideas on how to get started.

How about pumpkins?

Pumpkins would make a great addition to place throughout your wedding, down the aisle, as your centerpieces, bar décor, escort cards, etc. Having pumpkins of different sizes, shapes and colors placed throughout your wedding would really give you the fall theme you were going for. Need some inspiration? Southern Living has 12 easy ways to decorate with pumpkins.pumpkins

What about hay bales?

Instead of having a lounge area of couches and chairs, replace the furniture with hay bales! Don’t forget to put a linen or blanket (that coordinates with your wedding colors) over them so your guests don’t walk away with hay on their bums! Pinterest has countless ways to use hay bales for lounge seating, check them out here.hay bale

The possibilities are endless for what you can incorporate into your wedding to achieve the fall theme.

Check out Kiss Wedding Ideas video of 10 simple fall wedding ideas to incorporate into your wedding. Such as using apples as your escort cards and the best part is they aren’t expensive.

The most important thing to remember on your fall wedding day is that you two are celebrating the fact that you two have fallen in love. (Get it?)


2 thoughts on “Fall in Love

  1. All these ideas are awesome! I especially liked the idea of a caramel apple bar, I bet it would be a huge hit with guests of all ages. These ideas make the idea of fall wedding super appealing, it sounds like it would be beautiful!


  2. UGH!!! Your blog makes me want to get married, like tomorrow. Too bad I’m so single my friends have the running joke of saying, “and that’s why Reegan is single,” whenever I say something weird. But I will have a caramel apple bar at my wedding…even if that’s in 20+ years at the rate I’m going.


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