Dessert Anyone?

Having only cake at your wedding is a thing of the past. Today it is all about the dessert buffet. Yes, I said BUFFET! The dessert buffet is becoming more and more popular to have at your wedding reception because you are able to provide your guest with a variety of deliciousness that they will not be able to refuse.

The dessert possibilities are endless! You can have cake, cupcakes, cookies, pies, candy, fruit, s’mores, macaroons, ice cream, root beer floats and more. You can have whatever your sweet tooth desires.

How many dessert options should you have? Our friends at recommends planning for your guest to have 3-4 mini desserts per person if your guests aren’t eating a slice of cake, ultimately recommending 5-6 dessert buffet options in total to pick from. The key is to give your guests’ variety, but to not overwhelm them with options.

When decorating your dessert buffet make sure to incorporate your wedding colors and theme. has a list of six helpful tips to include when decorating your dessert buffet:

  • Have a backdrop: Hang some curtains or fabric or string together something fun and festive for your backdrop.
  • Include a centerpiece: For a wedding make your cake the centerpiece or include a beautiful flower arrangement.
  • Add some height: Creating different heights to your table adds balance and is helpful for guests when reaching for goodies.
  • Fill vases with dessert, candy or fruit
  • Label everything: So your guests do not have to play the guessing game.
  • Include personalized favor bags: That way your guest will be take home any goodies they weren’t able to finish. ( and The Knot Shop have many fun options for personalized gift bags)

Below are three dessert buffets I put together over my summer internship. The top picture was part of a Brazilian inspired themed wedding at Duntan Hot Springs Resort, with desserts flown in from her sister’s bakery in Brazil. The second picture was from a rustic inspired themed wedding at Blue Lake Ranch, where the bride wanted southern inspired dessert, especially her favorite dessert: peach cobbler. The last picture was of an elegant/vintage wedding theme at Keyah Grande with cake, cupcakes, fresh fruit and chocolate. (I apologize for the poor picture quality; I need to remember to bring my good camera on wedding days and not use my phone camera.)




Something to take note of in these three pictures in the variety of desserts offered to guests. Also the varying of heights with desserts from the use of cake stands. Lastly, the cake was often the centerpieces of the buffets with the desserts complementing around.

Need inspiration on different ways to decorate your dessert buffet? Pintererst has a lot of great dessert buffet examples to help you get started.


2 thoughts on “Dessert Anyone?

  1. “Dessert buffet,” is basically the best word combo in the history of ever. Whoever invites me to their wedding and has a dessert buffet should definitely plan on me having more than 3-4 mini desserts.


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