The Rule of Three

The rule of three is the number one event tip that I learned when planning events. It’s pretty simple: The guideline of threes say that things arranged in odd numbers are more appealing, memorable, and effective than even-numbered groupings.

Let’s use feathers as an example to demonstrate how the rule of three would work when planning your own event.

Feathers are a cute, inexpensive way to make your event fun, romantic and flirty. Feathers are almost as versatile as flowers because they are lightweight and slim, and also easy to work with and even easier to incorporate into lots of different decorative wedding elements.

For example, instead of having the traditional rose petals down the aisle, feathers are a great alternative to change up tradition. You still have the traditional wedding entrance but with a new creative style.

feathers down the aisle- a beautiful mess

Another way to incorporate feathers would be adding them to the escort cards. By hanging your guests’ names and table number on twine and putting one to three feathers in between every escort card it will spice up an ordinary, boring seating chart.

seating chart

The third and last place to put feathers would be on the dinner tables or incorporated into the plate setting. Again, you can replace the traditional rose petals often used on tables with flirty feathers. It is a cute way to finish the feather theme that has taken place throughout the event. Remember to not over do the décor element, too much will equal tacky.


If you do want to incorporate feathers into your wedding you do not have to be limited to those three places I provided. Get creative and see where you would like to have feathers other than down the aisle, the seating chart and the dinner table. Pinterest is filled with creative ways to incorporate feathers into your wedding.

You can use the rule of three in so many creative ways. I once used the rule of three when adding old barn doors throughout the event and it was a big hit.

This is one of the three places where we used old barn doors for our event at Blue Lake Ranch. The bride loved the idea of stepping through a doorway to start a new chapter of her life with her soon-to-be husband. We also used old barn doors to decorate the bar and lounge areas.

FullSizeRender (13)

So there you have it, when planning an event always remember the rule of three. It’s a fun way to incorporate something out of the ordinary and make it seem like it was meant to be. .

Here’s a video of interior designer Heather McManus explaining the rule of three when decorating your home, but the same concepts may be used when decorating for events.

Photo credits: (top to bottom), and


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